Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

South Island - Chistchurch - One Days Stands (with emplypers)

We are on the South Island and absolutely love it!
We took the Inter Islander Ferry from Wellington to Picton.
The South Island is quite different, with the snow covered mountains and it just feels different.

We worked in the vineyards in Blenheim for a day but decided that it's not for us and drove South heading for Christchurch.
We stayed at a beautiful spot on a little river from where we could see the mountains and the sea.
We got the best muesli breakfast ever. Takes a little while to make but it's worth while. About a dozen bags with dried fruits, nuts and seats, some fresh fruit and a wheat and gluten free muesli. Then rice milk for Barb and Soy Milk for me.

The day we got to Christchurch we pretty much settle in already. We spontaneously decided to look for a room in a flat. We had a look on and there a lot's of flatmates wanted in Christchurch. The same night we moved in with a very nice French couple. I got my Dive Instructor training all organized and will start on the 10th of September. Until then I got a few books to read.
We also went to a labor recruiting place to get a job. They put me in a timber mill to build pallets the next day but didn't have a job for Barb. But again after the first day of work there I decided it's not for me.
Barb started a cleaning job at the hospital today. Probably that's what I'll be doing too, they can also offer me a shift that I can do after the dive training.

I really like Christchurch so far. From all the cities in NZ it's Christchurch I get the best vibe from. I think I'll take quite a few photo here but here a the first few snapshots.

Dienstag, 14. August 2007

New Plans

Since my last post here my planes have change again - as it happens.
So I thought it's time for a little update.
I off to travel the world with Barbara!
The plan is to start in Australia in February and then Asia and the rest of the world.
I'm in Wellington right now and tomorrow we gonna ship over to the South Island.
In the Marlborough region - probably
Blenheim - we will fill up on cash with some vineyard work. The next
stop will be Christchurch where I want to do my Dive Instructor.

So that's the plan now - will see how much it will change again ;)

Samstag, 4. August 2007

New Van Setup

After a weekend of Kiwi and German engineering my new van is all set up and good to go. The bed setup turned out quite nice and its easy and quick to change from "sleeping mode" to "five seats mode".
I pulled the back seats out to have more room for all my stuff and put curtains in. But this will probably be an ongoing project so if you have any good ideas how to improve it let me know.
Check out the new photos of the van.