Samstag, 22. September 2007


I just had my first Acupuncture experience. After washing so many dishes my left thumb mussel was a bit sore. So I gave Barbara's Acupuncture needles a go. At first I was a bit scared of poking needles into myself but it was by far not as bad as expected. And the best thing it actually helped.

Mittwoch, 19. September 2007

More of Christchurch

Just some more photos this time...

...of Christchurch

...and the Botanical Gardens

Samstag, 8. September 2007

Van is f#&$ed again and the life in Christchurch

My van is broken again. I just can't believe how unlucky I am with cars.
It's probably gonna cost me $1500 to get it fixed.
Well hopefully I will have a job again next week as a kitchen hand, Monday is my trial day.
My Dive Instructor course started this week and already I'm bored of all that PADI (Put Another Dollar In) bullshit. The teacher mainly just reads out off his book and we watch Power Point Slides on the computer screen. On Monday we'll do the first training session in the pool. I hope that will be a bit more exciting.
Barbara will hopefully get a job at one of the major hotels here doing Spa massages. She already had kind of an interview and is waiting for the manager to get back to her.
Apart from the boredom at PADI and the kaput van I still love Christchurch - and today the sun is out and I finally feels like I'm warming up.