Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

Trip to Shiyan and Party Night

Yesterday I went to Shiyan with Georg and Anja. We ended up in some Karaoke bar and had quite some fun. Foreigners are quite unusual here so we the attraction of the night. We had some police officer, a singer and the bar owner sitting at our table in the end and most of our Vodka and food was paid for by the owner. They just wouldn't stop filling up our glasses again and again. We were pretty drunk when we finally left the place.
After getting some munchies at the 24h super market (they even had some German "Rote Bete") we went to one of the massage spots near by end got a relaying food and body massage - 12 Euro for all three of us. After that it was time to head back to our nice hotel room - also 12 Euro for all of us.

Here are quite a lot of photos of the night
Trip and Party with Georg and Anja

And some videos...

...crazy Chinese Jumping Game...


...dancing, dancing...

...Georg singing Chinese...

...more Karaoke by Georg... to the polonaise!!!

And finally our hotel room


I got some really nice Chinese Calligraphy especially made for me.
The first Chapter of the Tao Te Ching.
And I could even take a little video while the artist was writing it.

He even had the whole Tao Te Ching but it was just a little to big to hang in my place.

Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Chinese Toilette

The Chinese toilettes and toilettes habits are a bit different from the west.
Instead of a seat it's a squatting pan, basically a hole in the ground.
Here are two photos of one of the toilette and shower cabin at my school. These are in reasonable condition for Chinese standards.
There is also no toilette paper provided at public toilettes so it's a good idea to always carry some with you.
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