Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007


Wow I have been at the Mana Retreat Center for 2 and a bit weeks now and I just can't believe how intense this time feels. Time is really relative. I don't quite know where to start and don't really feel like writing, so I just leave you with some photos for now.

Samstag, 5. Mai 2007

Random Shots

Here are some random shots I took in the last couple of weeks.

Future Plans

I'm quite enjoying living on a day by day basis at the moment but I do have some plans for the future as some of you already know, so I thought it's about time I tell you about it.
Well the plan is to stay in NZ for at least a few years and study again.
So I would like to study Osteopathy at Unitec in Auckland. Its a 5 year full on course (see Unitec Website).
To be able to live, work and study here I obviously need a visa so I applied for a permanent residence. I think my chances are pretty good and I'm already half way through the process.

So now I have to get all my paperwork together and actually apply. I just got my medical certificate done the other day. After 30 min of examination I know now that I'm all healthy and $285 for that. But he that's like the smallest part of it - $300 for my online "Expression of Interest" and now I've gotta play another $800 for the actual application.

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2007

Dive Master

This Sunday I finished my dive master training. :-D
I learned heaps and got to do a lot of diving, but it's getting a little cold now.
I'll probably work at the pack house for another two or three weeks to get some cash in and then my plan is to go to the Mana Retreat Center till the end of June as a Wwoofer.