Samstag, 5. Mai 2007

Future Plans

I'm quite enjoying living on a day by day basis at the moment but I do have some plans for the future as some of you already know, so I thought it's about time I tell you about it.
Well the plan is to stay in NZ for at least a few years and study again.
So I would like to study Osteopathy at Unitec in Auckland. Its a 5 year full on course (see Unitec Website).
To be able to live, work and study here I obviously need a visa so I applied for a permanent residence. I think my chances are pretty good and I'm already half way through the process.

So now I have to get all my paperwork together and actually apply. I just got my medical certificate done the other day. After 30 min of examination I know now that I'm all healthy and $285 for that. But he that's like the smallest part of it - $300 for my online "Expression of Interest" and now I've gotta play another $800 for the actual application.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Rudy,

I read your blog continuous with much interests. And I`m glad that you made these many experiences on your journey and that you enjoy this time. Wish you success for your regular residence in NZ.

Micha H. (Agilent-ET`03)