Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Up North

In Russel we met Lisa, another German Traveler, who is now traveling with us. She is really cool and we had some very interesting talks about God, the universe and everything on the way. She sleeps in my tend when we camp so it was a good thing to bring it along.

We has a great time up North! Went all the way up to the Cape Reinga and had some great fun in the sand dunes.

We went along the West Coast back down to Auckland. We sated in a very nice Backpacker and visited the Kauri Forest. Just Amazing to stand in front of a 2000 year old tree.

On the way we found something rather funny. An old truck that has been in a service station (or better speaking what is left of it) for over 50 years. I talked to the grand sun of the owner of the truck and he told me that it just never got fixed. I wonder for how much longer it will be there.

Oh I almost forgot, on the way up North we went to the Rainbow Falls. Lisa and me went behind the falls and took a sower. It was so cool being behind the Falls. If you ever get the change to do this, you just have to do it. unfortunately Alex didn't take any photos of us behind or under the falls. But I guess that's just something you have to remember in you mind and not on a photo. But here is a photo of just the Falls you you get an idea of how big they are.

Sorry no German this time ;-)

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phos4 hat gesagt…

freut mich, dass es dir bzw. euch gut geht..bin verdammt neidisch, aber so wirst du dich wahrscheinlich auch gefühlt haben, als ich in neuseeland war und du vielleicht meinen blog verfolgt hast...

naja gut...lass es dir gut gehen...falls ich dann mal irgendwann wieder icq hab, wär cool, wenn man sich dort vielleicht mal sieht...