Samstag, 13. Oktober 2007

Christchurch is comming to an end

It's about time to leave the city. Feel like a haven't traveled for so long.
Unfortunately quite a lot shit happened in the last few days/weeks.
But one good think is that I finished my dive instructor exam and are now a PADI SCUCA INSTRUCTOR!!!!
Had had some shit luck with my car, first it broke down and it cost me $2000 to get it fixed and then some f***er tried to brake into it. Luckily the car is still there but the lock is a bit buggered now.
I went to manpower to get a job and they put me to Tyco, a big electronic manufacturing company. I started off doing terminating, basically putting little plugs onto cables. Bloody boring and after talking to manpower for like 10 times they put me onto something else. Now I'm doing inwards good processing - taking parcels from all the couriers opening them, entering the goods into the computer and putting them away in the shelfs. Lots better!
So in about a week I'll be back on the road!!!!

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