Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007

Heaphy Track

I just finished the 82km Heaphy Track.
This was the most beautiful walk I have done so far in New Zealand. The variety of the landscape was amazing. I booked it for four days but ended up doing it in just 3. The first day I did just 16km along the flat coast. But on the second day I got to the hut where I planed to stay at lunch time so I decided to push on and walked a total of 36km that day. The last day was another 30km and the last 2 hours seemed very long - maybe because it was all down hill and the landscape didn't change that much or maybe because my feet were getting sore.
Here are a few photographic impressions of the track with some descriptions. But I was more focused on walking than on taking pictures.

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