Samstag, 16. Februar 2008

Arrived in OZ

Yes I made it to OZ - even with my 20kgs of diving gear.
The first two nights I stayed with Frank from couchsurfing. He was such a great host - showed me around town and help me a lot to get myself set up here. He went flat hunting with me today and sure enough I ended up moving into the first place I looked at. I did look at some more flats but I had a feeling that this will be the place. I straight away got along with my new flatmates. And how could you not if you get offered a cold beer when you just moved in with this heat.
Unfortunately I haven't found a job as a Dive Instructor jet - it's slow season right now - but there are lots of other jobs available, so I might just do something else for a couple of months before I get a job on a dive boot.
Last night I went to a couchsurfing BBQ on the Esplanade - Cairn's Waterfront - it was really nice to meet some like minded locals and travellers. And I even got do some fire twirling.

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